Websites for Mockups

A curated list of 6 websites for creating quick mockups

Creating your own mockups can be time consuming. There are some websites which create mockups for you which can be very handy. I found them very useful when creating my portfolio which I would like to share with you.

1. SmartMockups

This website ( offers a range of mockups with a free account. You can upgrade your free account if you want full access to all the mockups


This website ( is free and allows you to create a 3D mobile mockup. You are limited to an iPhone mockup but you can adjust the colors, the angle, the shadow etc.

3. Placeit

This website ( offers a wide variety of mockups not just for tech devices but for other items too such as apparel, books, banners etc. You can unlock all the mockups with a paid account if you like. This website also provides design templates, a logo maker, video maker and gaming templates.


I personally used this website ( the most for my mockups. It offers a wide range of mockups with many free options. Again, you can upgrade to a paid membership to have full access to all the mockups.

5. Mockup.Zone

This website ( offers a range of free online mockup templates. You can also download some photoshop mockup packs.

6. Sneakpeekit

If you just want some paper prototypes that you can print and sketch on, you can get them from this website ( These are helpful when doing ideation during the design process or simply trying to sketch out your designs.

I hope you find the above links useful as they have been for me. You can also find mockup plugins for applications such as Figma and Sketch which you can pull straight into your projects, if you like.



UX/UI Designer

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