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A list of 5 websites for design challenges

Photo by Bonneval Sebastien on Unsplash

Design challenges can be quite useful. They help keep you inspired as well as helping boost your problem solving skills. It’s a good way of practicing your design skills which can be particularly useful in the interviewing process of job applications.

Below, I have a list of 5 websites which provide free design challenges for you.


Once you register on this website ( you receive a weekly design challenge via email. Some of these challenges have actually been asked by companies like Google and WeWork.

2. Designercize

This website ( initiates design challenges for you. You have the option of choosing a difficulty level, reloading the challenge if you prefer another one and using a timer for the challenge.

3. Behance

One of the design challenges which I did from this website

If you want to improve your Adobe Photoshop skills, this website ( offers lots of design challenges with a video guiding you how to complete each one.

I’ve used this website the most for my challenges as I love using Photoshop. I’ve been using it since I was a teenager and these challenges give me an opportunity to polish my skills and learn new features.

4. DailyUI

Once you sign up for this website ( you receive UI based challenges on a daily basis. This website is apparently used by highly experienced designers too.

5. Uplabs

This website ( has a lot more to offer than just challenges. It also offers other resources such UI kits, templates, mockups, icons and much more.



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