Challenges & Solutions of My Client Project

My first client project & how I tackled it’s challenges.

  • Drive-Thru’s
  • In-Store Payments

Delayed Communication.

The client was under lots of pressure as all his clients were eager to have a contactless solution as soon as possible because of the current situation of Covid 19. He was constantly busy with his own meetings and therefore was not able to respond to our emails in a timely manner.

Users of The Same Demographic.

The client sourced his own users for us to interview. He believed it’s necessary that the users did not have much experience with contactless payments. However, we knew we should interview people with various shopping experiences. It’s important to know what users might be frustrated with or would like improvements on with contactless payments to help us build a better solution. Most of the users were also the client’s friends or colleagues which could lead to biased opinions. They were all generation X or older (40+ yrs.) with many users not responding to our interview scheduling emails.

User Testing Without Wireframes.

Another challenging, but interesting, part of the process was carrying out the user testing for one of the two concepts I had come up with: the concept of the car registration process. Let me firstly explain this concept before moving onto the solutions we came up with.

Legal Restrictions.

The concept of the car registration process received the best response from the users and had a unique value proposition. However, once we presented this solution to the client, we were told they cannot legally use the registration information of users in their business.

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